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General Conditions of Sale

1. Definitions

1.1 For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, the following expressions shall have the meanings indicated:

"Customer" means the consumer customer who purchases the Products on the Site;

"Consumer Code" means the Legislative Decree 206/2005 containing provisions on consumer rights;

"General Terms and Conditions of Sale" means these general terms and conditions that, together with the Purchase Order, govern the purchase of the Products on the Site;

"Contract" shall mean the set of provisions contained in the General Terms and Conditions and in the Purchase Order;

"Right of Withdrawal Notice" shall mean the notice that the Seller is required to provide to the Customer pursuant to Article 49, letter (h), of the Consumer Code. (h), of the Consumer Code;

"Privacy Policy" means the information that the Seller is required to provide to the Customer pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of personal data;

"Order Form" means the form in the relevant section of the Website that the Customer is required to fill in and send to the Seller through the system, entering the required data, in order to finalise the purchase of the Product and conclude the Contract;

"Purchase Order" means the purchase order that is generated by the system following the sending of the Order Form by the Customer and that determines the conclusion of the Contract, in the manner set out in Art. 3;

"Price" means the sale price of the Products; "Products" means the Seller's products purchased by the Customer on the Site;

"Site" means the website;

"Seller" means Francesca Romana Palermo;

2. Purpose and scope of these General Terms and Conditions

2.1 These General Terms and Conditions contain the set of rules that govern and regulate, together with the Purchase Order, the contractual relationship concluded between the Seller and the Customer for the purchase of the Products on the Website.

2.2 The Seller reserves the right to amend and/or supplement the content of the General Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

2.3 The applicable General Terms and Conditions shall be those in force on the date of the Purchase Order. By placing a Purchase Order, the Customer declares that it has read and fully accepts the contents of the General Conditions.

3. Conclusion of the Contract

3.1 The Contract shall be deemed concluded when the Order Form, filled in and sent by the Customer through the system present on the Site, is received and registered by the Seller, after verifying the correctness of the data entered in the Order Form and payment. Registration of the Order Form will generate the Purchase Order.

3.2 Before the Order Form is sent, the system will allow the Customer to identify and correct any data entry errors by following the relevant instructions.

3 .3 Once the Purchase Order has been generated and the Seller has received confirmation of authorisation to pay the Price, the Seller shall send the Customer, by email to the email address indicated on the Order Form, the Purchase Order number, confirmation of the purchase of the Product, information relating to the Product, details of the Price, the method of payment used, the terms for exercising the right of withdrawal referred to in the Withdrawal Policy, the shipping costs and any additional costs.

3.4 The Order Form shall be filed in the Seller's database for the time necessary to process the Purchase Order and, in any case, within the terms provided by law.

3.5 The language available to conclude the contract with the Seller is Italian.

4. Prices

4.1 The Prices indicated on the Site relating to the Products are expressed in Euros and are inclusive of VAT.

4.2 The Prices may always be modified by the Seller, it being understood that the Price charged to the Customer shall be the one published on the Product sheet at the time the Order Form is sent.

4.3 The Price must always be paid in accordance with the methods indicated in the Order Form.

5. Guarantees - Returns

5.1 The essential characteristics of the Products are presented on the Site within each product sheet. The images and the colours of the Products offered for sale on the Site may, however, not correspond to the real ones due to the effect of the Internet browser and/or the monitor used.

5.2 In the event that the Client intends to exercise the right of withdrawal set forth in Article 52 of the Consumer Code and return the Product, he/she shall follow the procedure set forth in the Returns section.

5.3 The Products to be returned following withdrawal pursuant to clause 5.4 above may be inspected by the Customers but must not be used or damaged; therefore, they must be cared for with due diligence and returned intact, perfectly fit for their intended use and without any sign of wear and tear or dirt, complete in all their parts, with the identification tags, labels and disposable seal, if any, still attached to the Products and intact and not tampered with.

5.4 Once the Products have been returned, the Seller shall carry out the necessary checks on the Customer's compliance with the provisions set forth in Article 5.5 above.

5.5 The refund shall be activated by the Seller pursuant to Article 56, first paragraph, of the Consumer Code, in the shortest time possible and, in any case, within fourteen (14) days from the date on which the Seller is made aware of the exercise of the right of withdrawal, after verifying that the right of withdrawal has been correctly exercised and that the returned Products have been checked.

6. Privacy

6.1 The Customer's personal data shall be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy on the Site.

7. Applicable Law and Solution of Disputes

7.1 The General Conditions are governed by Italian law, in particular, by the Consumer Code and by Legislative Decree No. 70/2003.

7.2 For any dispute concerning the interpretation and/or termination and/or validity of the Contract, the court of the place of residence of the Customer shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

7.3 For alternative dispute resolution, the Customer may access a special platform provided by the European Commission from the website

8. Customer Care

8.1 The Seller shall provide a Customer Care service for any of the Customer's needs.