FRP Collection Francesca Romana Palermo

FRP Collection was founded in 2021 by Francesca Romana Palermo. Francesca was born into a family where creativity and imagination dominate every day; Grandma Maria, an expert in knitting and crochet, creates a new dress every day and passes on all her knowledge of handwork to her daughter and granddaughter.
Francesca has always put this art aside, having school and work experiences different from the manual activity taught by her grandmother. After gaining experience in the craftsmanship of leather goods and working for luxury brands, Francesca decides to approach the art of crochet, driven by the help and knowledge of her mother.

“Each item is made by Italian master craftsmen skilled hands, starting from raffia weaving to cuts and seams of leather. Each FRP Collection brand item is result of love and passion for craftsmanship.”

In 2020 was born the idea that, unknowingly, will give life to the FRP Collection.
The idea was to be able to produce exclusively through the ancient art of crochet a bag that reflected a timeless, unique and inimitable style.
The first models were born by chance, trying to cut pieces of scrap leather and crochet embroidering. The result appeared satisfactory but still needed study and elaboration. So we searched for the best leather craftsmen in the heart of Tuscia and developed, together with them, the first real prototypes.


“FRP Collection embodies a clear and essential vision, where past and present intertwine harmoniously in every point. The past art of crochet blends with the craftsmanship of the leather craftsman, giving life to timeless creations. Each piece is unique and inimitable, with attention to every detail. An uncompromising quality that seeks to evolve over time.​”

After a year of work and design, the sale to the market was opened, unaware of the feedback that could have been obtained.
The uniqueness of the product immediately captured the attention of customers, who were captivated by the meticulous attention to detail.
Today the brand is known and appreciated internationally.



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